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Nous vivons une époque formidable. Formidable car la révolution numérique et l'information universelle ont atteint leur objectif de couverture planétaire.

C'est maintenant une nouvelle conscience collective qui va émerger. Les valeurs de respect, d'honnêteté et de bienveillance doivent désormais se conjuguer avec nos besoins d'évolution, d'innovation et de confort.

Toute notre équipe partage cette vision, et ainsi PRO & IMMO peut contribuer à construire un monde meilleur...

François KOROLOFF - Président Fondateur de PRO & IMMO.



Are you thinking of selling a plot of land or a land ownership potentially eligible to be developed or to be subjected to allotment or property development?

We put all our expertise and professionalism at your service in order to find out what are the possibilities that your property provides, with the necessary degree of discretion, and if this adapts to our development strategy, we can offer you to develop it in the best way possible.

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Nowadays, buying a new property is an essential stage in your life, it materializes a very big personal and economic commitment from you. This is why French law also regulates strictly all technical, acoustic, thermal, environmental and access features of your future home. It is because we believe that meeting all the current standards has to go hand in hand with a controlled budget that we offer you our range Access.

Choosing a fabulous location for your future home, materials of construction and top-of-the range amenities, not only ensures a great quality of life on a daily basis but also that your property will acquire value somehow. All the customers who have been trusting us for more than 15 years have been able to check that our Premium Programs are clearly visible and known as the greatest buildings in the neighbourhoods and villages where we built them. We are both very proud and very attached to the recognition of our range Premium.

Stéphanie ROUX
Christopher LANDAIS
Françoise ROULAUD
Mireille CLAVEL
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