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We live in a great time. Great because the digital revolution and universal information have reached their goal of global coverage. It is now a new collective consciousness that will emerge. The values ??of respect, honesty and benevolence must now be combined with our needs for evolution, innovation and comfort. All my team shares this vision with me, and so PRO & IMMO can help build a better world ...

François KOROLOFF - Founding Président of PRO & IMMO.



Are you thinking of selling a plot of land or a land ownership potentially eligible to be developed or to be subjected to allotment or property development?

We put all our expertise and professionalism at your service in order to find out what are the possibilities that your property provides, with the necessary degree of discretion, and if this adapts to our development strategy, we can offer you to develop it in the best way possible.

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Nowadays, buying a new property is an essential stage in your life, it materializes a very big personal and economic commitment from you. This is why French law also regulates strictly all technical, acoustic, thermal, environmental and access features of your future home. It is because we believe that meeting all the current standards has to go hand in hand with a controlled budget that we offer you our range Access.

Choosing a fabulous location for your future home, materials of construction and top-of-the range amenities, not only ensures a great quality of life on a daily basis but also that your property will acquire value somehow. All the customers who have been trusting us for more than 15 years have been able to check that our Premium Programs are clearly visible and known as the greatest buildings in the neighbourhoods and villages where we built them. We are both very proud and very attached to the recognition of our range Premium.

Stéphanie ROUX
Laurence LEGROS
Christopher LANDAIS
Françoise ROULAUD
Mireille CLAVEL

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Vous êtes expérimenté dans l’un des métiers de la promotion immobilière et vous souhaitez mettre vos compétences professionnelles au service de notre raison d’être. Vous partagez nos valeurs et souhaitez intégrer notre équipe pluridisciplinaire engagée et solidaire, et vous établir durablement dans une région de montagne authentique et préservée… Adressez nous votre candidature à :

Our team / our staff

Professionals to advise you and to guide you in each stage of your program.

Our team, committed and motivated, is at your service to help you in each stage of your purchase.

Since the reservation until the delivery of your property, our team is present at each stage of your program and will give you the best advice on your choices. One and only catchword: Your satisfaction! Let us guide you...


Direction du Groupe et des Programmes

Stratégie et Développement du Groupe
Conception et Montage des Opérations
Direction et Gestion des Sociétés


Assistante Direction des Programmes

Ligne directe : 04 92 43 63 78

Suivi Juridique et Assistanat de Direction


Responsable Comptabilité

Ligne directe : 04 92 43 63 64

Comptabilité des Sociétés
Trésorerie et Règlements
Gestion des Ressources Humaines
Gestion des appels de fonds

Stéphanie ROUX

Assistante Programmes

Ligne directe : 04 92 43 63 63

Suivi administratif et financier des fournisseurs et prestataires techniques


Maître d'Œuvre d'Exécution

Ligne directe : 04 92 43 84 35

Suivi des réalisations.

Laurence LEGROS

Maître d'Œuvre d'Exécution

Ligne directe : 04 92 43 63 79

Conception des programmes

Christopher LANDAIS

Responsable Programmes

Mobile : 07 69 40 24 70

Responsables des programmes

Françoise ROULAUD

Référente clients Port Grimaud et Embrun

Mobile : 06 17 12 80 88

Commercialisation des programmes immobiliers Secteur Var
Suivi acquéreurs

Mireille CLAVEL

Référente clients Gapençais

Mobile : 06 52 12 40 67

Commercialisation des programmes immobiliers
Secteur Gapençais


Responsable Commercial et Marketing

Mobile : 06 17 38 77 30

Commercialisation des programmes immobiliers
Management du service commercial et des partenaires commerciaux
Marketing, Web et Communication

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Customers' department

Because our duty and commitment of helping our customers cannot be limited to a pure commercial furnishing, even if the latter is merely qualitative, since 2012 we have decided to put in place a customer service especially designed for you, in order to guide you more effectively in every significant stage of customization, creation and delivery of your future apartment. Our account manager, a qualified building technician, is available and will be ready to hear any request you'll have in order to guide you, advise you and ensure that your expectations will be taken into account by our implementation team, and all this throughout the construction of your property, until its perfect completion. This is how we see the Customer Service at PRO&IMMO...